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I never tried the stuff myself, you understand, but I’m pretty sure I
knew some who did.

According to the US Government, illegal drugs represent the second largest business in America. If you add in federal, state, and local law enforcement, prison construction and supervision, rehabs, paraphernalia, and pop rocks, it may be the largest. What do we know about large industries and how they accept change? Ain’t gonna happen. Everyone has a piece of the pie and this is the one area of economic stability while all others are collapsing.

Decriminalizing drugs would force the police to deal with behavior rather than physical evidence. The hundreds of thousands of people employed at all levels in dealing shit would have to find something else (robbery?) to make their day. 90% of the drugs coming into the US flow through the DEA, US Customs, or the military. Of the small portion of seized drugs, 90% make it to the streets. Politicians make their careers being “tough” on drugs”. The prices stay high, the Mafia gets richer.

The idea that marijuana can be legalized and regulated and taxed is ridiculous. It ain’t Jim Beam. It ain’t Chateau LaFitte. Anyone can grow superb weed without even a green thumb. Decriminalization, however, would keep the profits in the hands of the little people. The ones who were planting small patches in backyards before John van de Kamp started sending paramilitary hooligans into their homes and drove the whole business into the hands of organized crime. Now we have hundreds of farms in our parks, warehouses full of growlights, and way more bribes for the Attorney General.

In the end, the problem is the same for any sensible reform, from stopping senseless wars to guaranteeing health care and civil rights for all. It’s easy to sell hate, fear, and greed. The trinity of conservative strategy for decades.

End of rant.


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